Family Portrait Session At Loring Park

I got out of my car, and nervously walked towards the playground at Loring Park, where I was to meet Steven, Vanny and their gorgeous family. As I saw them in the distance, my heart skipped a beat, and I felt a bit socially awkward as I tend to do when meeting people for the first time. As I looked up, my eyes were met by a warm, happy smile. Vanny sweetly went in for a hug. And instantly, my nervousness melted away. Greeting the rest of the family, I became more and more excited. They exuded pure happiness. They were the perfect, happy family you only see in the movies these days. Steven did everything he could to make his kids laugh. Spinning like a little girl, making silly faces, and telling really "great" dad jokes. As I remember the day, I cant help but to think of how obviously some couples are brought together by fate. My session with these guys was a blast. Steven and Vanny, I cannot wait to hangout again and shoot your wedding this Sunday! Everytime we speak I see how much love is between the two of you. And that friends, says everything someone needs to know about who you are.

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