Engagement Photos On Lake Minnetonka

Brittaney has been planning her engagement photos for quite a while now, and I was literally squeeling with joy when she told me she wanted to do a session on Lake Minnetonka. And as we walked up the street, I asked "So how did you propose?" And guys, take note, because Andy straight raised the bar! It was October. Days before Hallows Eve (or Halloweenie if you are talking to daughters). The night was chilly, the smell of pumpkin floating through the air. Friends gathered, couples snuggling together, carving pumpkins, getting festive. As they finished, the guys looked at the girls and asked "Can you go down and find the candles?" as they headed outside, they were met by a beautiful display of little Jack O' Lanterns. Carved out were the words "Will You Marry Me?"! I MEAN REALLY! Talk about a proposal! This was nothing found on Pinterest. This was completely from the heart. There were tears, there were smiles. There was love. And there are photos below. ;) In this business, I see a lot of couples. ALL of them are beautiful, and ALL of them are completely in love. But Andy and Brittaney, you two will always stand out to me. Because your love is so casually obvious. Everything you do in the way you act towards each other. The way you look at each other. The way you laugh with each other. The way Andy gently guides you holding the small of your back. You are soul mates.

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