Villa Bellezza Vinyard Wedding

When I was asked to shoot Steven and Vannys Villa Bellezza Vinyard Wedding, I was ecstatic. I had heard this was a beautiful location and y'all, it didnt disappoint. As I stepped out of the car and into the winery, I was instantly transported to Tuscany. I mean I was in Wisconsin, but I am telling you. It was Tuscany. The rows of vines, the bluffs in the distance.. The pavillion lined with tall, beautiful pillars. Still. At the end of the day, I tried to think of one word to describe what I saw. That word was "Togetherness". The two families that were to become one that day, already were. I had already seen this photographing their family photos, but what I had seen a glimpse of that day, I saw LOADS of at their wedding. The way that Carson looks up to Steven. Lana telling the story of the night they got to meet him and the way he tollerated their "crazy" family dynamic with ease. Watching Brody fix Vannys dress. And all of the break dancing that went on! Togetherness comes easy to this family. There was one specific line during the ceremony that caught my attention. "No matter race, religion, or creed, there is one thing we do right. And that is love." This family is the pure EMBODIMENT of that word! Steven and Vanny, thank you so much for letting me photograph such a beautiful, pure family. It was SUCH an honor. I am so happy for all of you!

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