Engagement Session in Glencoe Mn

After knowing and talking with Kendra online for 3 years, we FINALLY got the chance to meet! And you guys. I was FLOORED to hear that neither of them have ever been in front of a professional camera before. They are so great at having natural smiles and looking deeply into each others eyes.. You'd think they were in love or something. Haha! But in all honesty, these two couldn't have been sweeter. They laughed at my super "great" jokes, and ignored the awkward "merps" escaping my mouth. And when it came to each other, they were amazing to watch. Continually holding hands, exchanging sweet smiles, and giggling quietly behind me as I led them to the next location. So obviously in love. Those are my favoite sessions to do. The ones that just make you love love. Kendra and Jake, you two have something truly special, and truly rare. I am so happy you have found it in each other, and I cant wait for your wedding! Thank you so much for allowing me to document it for you.

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