Edmiston Family At The Nature Center

Fall is the only time of year I take family sessions, with a few exceptions. And this family will be an exception no matter what season it is. The moment they stepped out of the car and their feet hit the ground, they stole my heart. The amount of spirit these guys brought to the session was infectious. I can still hear their giggles, I can still remember the way little Finn looks to his mama for reassurance. The way Aaron lifts the kids off the ground and whips them around without thinking. More than anything though, one thing that struck me as very unique was the amount of ease they had with being kind and welcoming. They are a truly happy, easy to be around, sweet family (even the kiddos take on this behavior). I was incredibly impressed with the kids' abilities to follow instructions, as well as how well behaved they were. You can tell Dana works hard at being the best mom she can be, and girl, your hard work shows. Dana and Aaron, I really had a wonderful time with you guys, and I hope we can do this again soon.

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