Family Session at Falls Park on the Reedy River

Taking photos with my sister was arguably the best time I have ever had shooting. I had never seen where she lived, and as we walked around the city, I understood why she had moved there. I dont know that I had ever seen a city with so much character (although it did remind me a bit downtown Fort Collins, Colorado.

As we walked, I could smell kettle corn floating through the air. We passed sushi restaurants, cajun food, and street performers. The air was warm.. We passed Anthropologie, and as the sun started to go down, I noticed that the entire town was strung with solar powered christmas lights. It was beautiful.. I could live there.

We shot as we walked. Giggling and playing, eating old fashioned popcorn and chasing birds. Creating memories I will never forget. And as we neared the park downtown, I felt my jaw basically fall to the floor. It was gorgeous. The waterfalls flowing through the middle of town, the lit up foot bridge, crossing from the park to the shops on the other side. The geese splashing in the river. It was idyllic. I had fallen in love. We walked. And everything I saw I just wished I could show Ethan. He would have fallen in love, too.

Taylor, thank you so much for helping me make that trip happen. I am so glad I was able to see where you are from, and get a taste of another part of the world I had never seen. I will keep Greenville in mind for our retirement plan. (;