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Cassidy is such a

delightful and stunning soul to work with! She has such a way of capturing those precious, magical moments, that would otherwise be lost to memory. It was such a fun time, and the photos are absolutely stunning! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a laid back, classy photographer!


I cant say enough good

things about Cassidy. <3 She is so incredibly talented and easy to work with. Her style is so unique and was exactly what we wanted. Looking back at our photos, she does exactly what every Bride wishes of their photographer - she brings me right back to those moments. It takes a special eye to capture love in its purest form, and Cassidy has that magic touch.

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Magical. The only way..

to describe my engagement session. It was giggly and fun, and so easy going. She made us feel like naturals, and it became an unforgettable day.
Kathryn M.


We had such..

an amazing experience with Cassidy! She let us have fun and be ourselves , and she worked with it. She provided those candid moments while managing to capture the rest of the photos we wanted. We will definitely go back to her for portraits!
-Jenni B.

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She is a truly talented

photographer! She captured our day perfectly and the portraits were gorgeous - dreamy and romantic. She is very cool & calm which helps make a frantic day manageable. She is an up and comer and I wish you the best success. You deserve it!

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Cassidy is amazing..

to work with, she far exceeded my expectations! She uses natural elements to bring depth and light to her photos and it turns out absolutely beautiful!
Crystal C.


I love her style..

During the session Cass was so friendly, and her personality was very welcoming which made it so much easier to be relaxed and just enjoy being there. She really delivers and gives you exactly what youre looking for!